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Glass Borosilicate Decals
Waterslide decals is a transfer printed onto a special paper that will allow your design to slide off the paper when submersed in water. Waterslide decals are considered an indirect decorating process because the enamels are printed flat onto the transfer paper before the application onto the product.  Clearly, the shape of the object for decoration dictates the size and placement.  One advantage to using decals is that a decal's cover-coat is flexible and can be stretched so that the design will fit the shape of the product. 

Custom made borosilicate decals are available. Why not promote your company and apply your company logo to your glassware. Borosilicate decals are printed in a wide array of colors, suitable for hand blown glass, art glass, laboratory and scientific applications. Request a quote for your next custom job. Our waterslide decals are made on site to be fired onto your glass products.




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